Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Party!!!

Last Sunday we had our small group Christmas party. Chrissy got to play with her new camera and take some pictures. On with the pics.Some times its hard to get a good family picture, especially with people like Mitch hanging around.Still not a good one
There we go

Happy family
This shirt was the best present

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Another Birthday!!! (And Random Piglet Pics)

Seems like every weekend, its another birthday party. This weekend was Chrissy's Grandmother.

After a bite of chocolate cake.
Birthday Girl
Christmas Train


A few random pictures of the Piglet

A new friend
Bribery photos for later in life

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Papa J.O.'s Birthday

Last Sunday was my Grandfather's birthday. His three sons, and most of his grand kids and great grand kids met him in Thomasville to celebrate. It was a special time for my family. And not just because of the 31-20 victory of the SEC champion Florida Gators. On with the pics.
The guest of honor holding Piglet
Me and Cousin Kevin holding our little ones, Christion and Piglet
It was a little bit chilly out at the farm
Uncle Keith and Cousin Emily Grace
Two loving sisters
The way I'll always remember him, riding horses.
Two Desperados, Papa Rick and Uncle Stann
Piglets first time riding a horse

Showing off our pouty faces

Caroline and Papa Rick

Sweet Caroline

Chrissy loves riding horses. She always seems to run into trees or other horses or fall off.

Piglet loves her peaches. But what she really loves is when Daddy and Papa feed her cake and ice cream. Momma doesn't love that though.

Playing with cousin Christian

Piglet got her first lesson in learning how to share

Happy Grandma
Dodgeball with the kiddies

Ready for the football game

Sweet Girl
Our newest addition, Aidan Quinn McLeod

Cousin Tyler,

Yummy cake

Below are a few pictures from Sunday Ready to go to Church

This is what I woke up to at 5:00 Sunday morning.