Sunday, March 29, 2009

In Her Sunday Best

It was such a beautiful day outside, I just had to take Piglet out for a few pictures.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lakebottom Park

We spent Sunday afternoon at Lakebottom Park in Columbus.She must have really been tired. She'll never just sit there in my lap like this.

Our Buddy Boom Boom (above) and his sweet little sister Chipmunk (below)
Here she goes!!!!

Momma's friends.

Can you believe it!!!! Standing up all by herself.

What goes up, must come down. Check out my new kicks. Daddy picked them out.

There were a bunch of kids in the park. There is a big one there.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Piglet and Family

Our computer has been down for a while so the Piglet pics haven't been flowing like usual (sorry Grandma). To make up for it, I'll try to do a few extra the rest of this month. The hair thing isn't a good look for her, but we had to do something to let people know she is a girl..... That is other than dress her like a girl. After she got sick of the hair thing (and when I say she, I'm talking about Piglet's momma), we got multiple compliments on what a cute little boy he is. That's what Momma gets for letting her Daddy dress her.
Piglet's special friend. Piglet is now starting to follow Maggie around. Maggie isn't too happy about it, but she takes it like a champ.

One of her favorite toys is her shopping cart. She can push it from one end of the living room to the other. She'll be walking in no time.
Jumpin in Papa's lap.
A few weeks ago, we toured areas surrounding Columbus, including here at Pine Mountain.
Piglet used to sit in the bath tub and stare at her reflection in the silver thing.
She has recently gotten in the habit of wanting to stand up in the tub. Usually, a few toys will help her sit down.
Piglet with one of her favorite cousins. Hanging out in downtown Columbus.

More pics to come later this week.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

9 Months!!!!

Piglet turned 9 months old last week. I can't believe she's that old. I wish she would just slow down on all this growing. Here's a little bit about our 9 month old. She finds the strangest things to play with. Empty water bottles seem to do the trick.

She's really starting to stand up alot. She pulls herself up on just about everything.

This is her favorite show, Baby Mozart. Piglet doesn't get to watch much tv, but this show always seems pretty interesting to her.

Here she is trying to get some of Daddy's supper. Her favorite food is anything she isn't supposed to eat.

I don't think it will be much longer until she's climbing out of her pack in play.

Piglet is definitely a morning person. She wakes up smiling and ready to play.

Unexpected Weather

Inexplicably, it started snowing today. Didn't stop us from going to Church. It was bad enough, that some of the kids were making snow men in front of the church.

Piglet playing before Church

Her first taste of snow

Piglet's friend Sara Ann playing in the snow

Our weeping willow looks extra sad.

Piglet looking outside at the snow