Thursday, November 22, 2007

My Town

I just turned over a construction project to the army. I've been working on this job since March of 2006. Its basically an overgrown paintball complex. Its supposed to simulate a small city. When the soldiers goes in, they kill the power at the electrical complex and take the town. There are houses, a gas station, a 3 story hotel, bank, church, police station, townhouse, office buildings, and a government building. The job was considered a success because we turned it over on time with only a 1% cost growth. That means it was a good design and good contractor. 3 story hotel
The view from the roof of the 3-story government center

Basement of the hotel entering into the tunnel system. The tunnels go to 2 other buildings.
Gas Station (don't have the pumps in yet)

The Church
Graveyard with a crypt. We had a good time thinking about what to put on the tombstones. We wanted to write a little obituary on each one explaining how we died.

My Presidential Candidate

After watching this commercial, I've made up my mind.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Huckleberry Update

Did you know Brad Paisley, the country singer has a son named William Huckleberry Paisley? If a celebrity can name their son Huckleberry, it must not be that weird. Chrissy has been feeling tired and had plenty of stomach aches and head aches. I'll have to say, it hasn't effected me too much. We're going to a different baby doctor on Monday. We had a pretty bad experience with the other one. I don't think they'll tell us the sex of the baby yet. Sometimes I wonder if Huckleberry is still in there. Chrissy weighs the same now as she did when we found out she was pregnant. She is now at 12 weeks. Only 6 more months to go!!!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Chrissy Quote of the Day

"I'm either really hungry, or I'm really full. I'm just not sure". Its so much fun having a pregnant wife!!!