Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Day

Chad is in Reno so I came to Oxford for a long visit. I don't like to stay home alone and I will be picking Chad up in Birmingham on Valentine's Day while Kaitlin stays with Mema and Papa. So far we have had a good time visiting one of my best friends from my high school days and with my grandparents. Today we got to enjoy some snow. I think that it may have snowed more in Columbus but I'm pretty excited with what we got here. The snow started falling around 10:15. Kaitlin went out in it for a few minutes before her nap, she was so excited.

She was still sleeping when I took this picture.
Maggie and Zoe had lots of fun playing in the snow. Zoe especially enjoyed it and went out every time anyone would let her.

Kaitlin loves her Uncle Big and gives him big kisses.

I wish that I could say we took the time to build this snowman but it was one of the neighbors.

This is the snowman we took the time to build. I get cold easily what can I say.

Have you noticed Kaitlin's gloves yet? Yep they are not really mittins just a couple of layers of socks.

Kaitlin did not want to come on one bit but she quickly cheered up to get her picture taken. She is such a ham.