Saturday, July 29, 2006

Savannah Day 5

Our last day in Savannah, kind of sad. I had class until 11:30. After class, we went to lunch and then walked around one last time. We then went to Jacksonville for my Grandfather's 50 year anniversary of being a pastor. I couldn't imagine doing something for 50 years. I've got 30 years until retirement and after that, I'm through. It must be wonderful to love your job so much, that you'd be willing to devote your life to it. Well, on to the pictures!!!

Chad and Saint Patrick

We found Luther, John Wesley, and Saint Patrick. We wanted a picture with Calvin, but the Presbyterian Church was closed.

Found that pretty girl in the park again

Papa J O at his 50th anniversary

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Savannah Day 4

Had another good day seeing the sites. Don't feel like writing much so without further ado, on with the pictures:

John Wesley
Minister from the Church of England to the New World. Credited as the Father of the Methodist Church
Savannah's "Little Dig"
Some interesting engineering. They drilled into the soil using augers (big drills) about 90 feet down and filled the area with cement grout and H beams for reinforcement. Now they are excavating the soil and pumping the water out. They have excavated over 120,000 cubic yards of soil so far. What are they doing this for? When finished, it will be a large underground parking lot. A hotel will then be constructed above the garage. You can read more about it at
Not sure what Michaelangelo is doing in Savannah, but I guess it has something to do with Savannah's art school. This town has a surprising amount of culture, at least surprising to me.
The parks are beautiful downtown. There are many statues and fountains, like this one here.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Savannah Day 3

After a long day of boring class, we had a great evening together. We ate at Churchhill's Pub. Great environment, good food, bad red velvet cake. We then saw a few beautiful churches and walked through some parks. Still no rain!

I'm standing next to a painting of one of my heroes, Martin Luther

Pretty Girl in the park let me take her Picture

Savannah: Day 2 (Chrissy)

Yesterday was a much better day to go looking around. After I met Chad for lunch I went on a long walk by the river. It was so nice and there are so many stores to look at. I won't lie, my favorites were the candy stores with all the fudge and chocolate covered everything. I didn't buy any but I did get a free sample of the oreo fudge, it was yummy. Last night I took Chad to the river and we ate at a cajun place. It was okay, not really my thing though. Later we had some delicous ice cream and sat on a bench while we listened to a guy playing the saxaphone.

The Garden at the Independent Presbyterian Church

Monday, July 24, 2006

Missing Maggie

I miss my dog. This is a picture from the day I first met her. Isn't she cute? She's staying with the grandparents while we're in Savannah. Can't wait to go get her.

Savannah: Day 1

Savannah is beautiful. There are many restaurants we'd love to try, and some beautiful parks within walking distance of the hotel. The problem is, its pouring down rain and we can't even get to the car without getting soaked. We ordered pizza (poor delivery guy) and we're stuck in the hotel, watching TV. I checked the weather and it is supposed to rain all week. Hopefully things will get better.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

4th of July

So I know that I've been a little slow in posting this, but it's better late than never. It's been very busy getting ready for the school year and working. Chad and I had a great time visiting with family for the 4th. There was also a lot of great food, we had tons of desserts, casseroles, and bbq. Maggie went on her first boat ride. She handeled it well but she was not too happy at first. Here are a couple of pictures og Chad with Lilly and me with Steffany.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Maggie the Fish and Sox fan

Maggie went swimming for the first time (at least of her own accord). She never ceases to amaze me. That's why she's the wonderdog.

Maggie is definitely a Sox Fans (colorblind too)

Good times at the wedding

Last month, we went to one of my best friend's wedding back in Jacksonville. Here are a couple of pictures from the wedding: