Friday, July 24, 2009

Blueberry Picking

Yesterday we went blueberry picking with some friends.

At first Kaitlin only wanted to dump out any blueberries that I picked, but after she ate a few her mission went to eating out of everyone's buckets.
Thankfully she eventually learned to pick the blueberries.
After pickin we had a picnic and Kaitlin sat with her buddy Andrew.

Like Daddy

Just a couple of days ago Kaitlin went into her closet and pulled out her crocs. She tried and tried to put them on. Finally I put them on her and she was sooo happy. Later that day she pulled out her Daddy's crocs and tried to put them on.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Warner Robins

We've had a busy few weeks. First we went to Oxford for Father's Day, the next weekend we went ot Atlanta for a couple of Braves/Red Sox games, a trip to Stone Mountain for the laser show, and then we were in Warner Robins for 2 weeks. Lots of fun.

Kaitlin loves Zoe and Zoe loves her. When Kaitlin cries Zoe will come running to rescue her with doggie kisses.

Chad, Dad, and Brian were watching Kaitlin and this is what they let her play with. It was so nice seeing Maggie, we've missed her. Kaitlin is playing with my 1st baby doll, Mary. My grandmother gave her to me when I was 6 months old.

Kaitlin loves her uncle Jason. And her aunt Alisa.
We came home for the weekend during our 2 weeks in Warner Robins and found our bed covered with thousands of ants. There are no pictures of that but here is Kaitlin ready for church the next morning.

Playing at the hotel.

Fast asleep after a long day.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

McLeod Vacation 2009

It seems that it is now my responsibility to keep up with our blog since Chad is so busy with getting his master's and with work. I am not a writer which is why I'm on facebook but I'll try not to be too boring.

This year's vacation was in Pigeon Forge. We had a great time even though no one wanted to go to Dixie Stampede except for me. I had the outlet malls and site seeing to keep me busy so I wasn't too sad about it.

Kaitlin is lounging in Uncle Stann's lap while Papa is feeding her her favorite food, ice cream.
We went to a place called Cade's Cove, I think, and we saw all kinds of animals like the horses here.

This deer.
A momma bear....
and her babies.

Here is cousin Christian enjoying riding in the car while not being in his car seat. Don't worry the car wasn't even moving but he thought that it was the best thing ever.

Kaitlin hammin it up. She sure knows how to pose for pictures.
Kaitlin and her some of her cousins, she just loved being around them.

This is an old school and I think that it was used as a church also. There was a picture of the teacher and the class and she looked mean. I am so glad that I never went here especially since they don't have air conditioning.

Here is the youngest McLeod, little Tebow as Chad likes to call him, getting a look at the school.

I'm not sure what she was really doing but it looks like Kaitlin was groovin to some tunes.
Papa and Katie.

This was our cabin. Can you believe it held all 23 of us?

The McLeod clan.

Nana Mac and Aidan.

Last but not least is Katie on Father's Day.