Friday, November 01, 2013

More Summer Fun and the Start of School

 Casey's favorite thing to do is watch Cars and play with cars. Every morning he wakes up around 5:30 (sometimes 4:30 and sometimes 6) and he will ask for Cars. Thankfully we have Cars, Cars 2 and Mater's Tall Tales to rotate. Casey will cheer during the race scenes, say "oh no" when they crash and yell "wake up" when Mac starts falling asleep. It's pretty cute.
 We were able to get in one last day at the pool before it closed. Casey and I loved the kiddy pool since he could get in without me having to get in. Don't worry I still walked in it with him in case he went under (which he did) I was just excited that I did not have to change into a bathing suit, that is such a pain!
 Kaitlin enjoyed it also. She would go in the big pool with Chad and then come to play with Casey some. We tried swimming lessons with her this summer but she was not a fan. Kaitlin does NOT like to get her face wet and even though we tried bribing her with a cookie/ice cream or even a toy she would not go under.

 Kaitlin's first day of school was very exciting. She woke up early asking is it time to go to school yet? She is ready to know everything and be all grown up :(
 When I picked her up at the end of the day I asked her how she liked kindergarten. She said, "It's the best school ever!". I wish that it stayed that way but by Friday she was ready to homeschool, she did not like getting up and not getting to play first thing.
Casey loves his cars and we are so thankful to one of Kaitlin's soccer friends who gave us all of these :)