Monday, December 26, 2011

Whirlwind Christmas Tour Part 2

The next park of Christmas was in Alabama.  Lots of presents and lots of good family time.

Piglet's big thing is Dora, followed by princess and hello kitty.
Mema decorates for Christmas. 
Daddy got a tie!!!  More Christmas pics in a couple of days.

Whirl WInd Christmas 2011 Tour Part I

Three states in three days.  We're on the whirlwind Christmas tour and the train isn't slowing down until New Years.  All aboard!!!

We started in South Georgia at Aunt Virginia's house.  After spending a fun evening there, we headed to Jacksonville for Christmas Eve. 

Rufus' first Christmas has been a lot of fun.  He is very good at opening presents.  He also enjoys playing with wraping paper.

After Christmas Eve, we headed back to Piglet and Rufus' house to spend the night.  Then we had our first Christmas morning as a family of four.  A tradition I hope to continue for a long time.
The theme of Piglet's presents was Princesses, Hello Kitty, and her favorite, Dora. 
Rufus got a cool new piggy bank.  His Dave Ramsey classes will begin after new years.
A Dora tricycle!!!
After worship service, we had a couple of friends over for Christmas lunch.  Piglet had plenty of friends to share her new toys with. 
More pics to come!!!!