Monday, March 21, 2011

Piglet Playing

Piglet loves to get ready for school. She tells me all the time that she's ready to go. I asked her one day what she thought that she would do at school and her answer was play with boys and girls and see the new toys. She doesn't seem to believe that there will also be work involved. Her backpack is filled with things she "needs" for school like toys and food.

Piglet has finally started riding her scooter that she got for Christmas. She has wanted to before now but I wouldn't let her unless she wore her helmet. Thankfully she has finally come around.
This is what Piglet likes to do whenever she can get her hands on some hangers. I don't really understand why, I just know she likes it.

Piglet loves playing in dirt. This was from a couple of days ago when Katie was playing with her friends. She had a great time and I think that she still has dirt in her hair.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Piglet Goes to the Dentist

Yesterday was Piglet's first trip to the dentist. She did a great job! She sat in the chair the whole time and let the doctor look at everything he needed to. Dr. Lugo said that her teeth are in great shape and to keep doing what we are doing. That was a relief for me since I am not the best at making her brush her teeth in the morning and sometimes even at night. As we left the office Piglet told me what a fun time she had.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Piglet's Face

Katie hates to wear her hair up. Whenever I put something in her hair she takes it out immediately. This weekend her cousin talked her into wearing a ponytail all day Saturday and Sunday. It was so nice to see her smiling face instead of her hair.