Monday, April 28, 2008

Disney World, I Mean Fort Knox

Its not often that I get to have fun at my job, but last week was one of those times. Congress, in its infinite wisdom, decided it would be beneficial to the nation to move the Armor School from Fort Knox to Fort Benning. That means we've got to build a whole bunch of stuff at Benning to accomodate the nation's tankers in training. To have a better understanding of how everything works, another Project Engineer and I went to Knox to see things first-hand. It was actually quite beneficial. Many things about our Government discourage and frustrate me, but when it comes to national defense, I believe we're in good hands. I'd hate to be an enemy of the army I saw last week. Talk about fire power. I'll write about visiting the ranges tomorrow when I have time to download some other pictures. In our small amount of free time, we went to the Patton Museum. The coolest part was the tanks and this helicopter.

There were also a bunch of cool tanks.

Part of the Berlin Wall was there.

Looks a lot different on the other side.

You might remember seeing this a few years ago on the news. This used to be on top of a statue in Iraq. That was before we blew it up.

I can't remember if this is the actual car that Patton crashed in or if its a replica.

Patton's Jacket and Helmet.

One of the famous Patton 6-shooters.

This was a promotional poster for joining the Corps of Engineers. Pretty cool.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Why all the excitement and dancing? No, its not because of my new Superbad T-shirt. Even though it is Superbad. Its because we had our last shower down in Jacksonville this weekend. Friends of my Mom and Dad threw us the shower. They did such a wonderful job. Look at this spread!!!

And so many of our friends and family came to the shower. We had a great time and truly felt loved.

One of the most special things we received were some of my baby stuff that my Mom had saved for me. I didn't even know she had kept it. My Mom was the garage sale queen so I was very surprised to see all of it. This was my diaper bag.And this was one of my baby hats. It doesn't seem to fit like I remember it.
Chrissy got a new hat too.
Our "theme" is Winnie The Pooh. Look at the bag we got!!! She was so excited.
My Dad got us a Gator Mobile. You should hear the tune it plays. She'll be going to sleep to the Gator fight song.

Me and My Cousin Mark
My Little Cousin, the Life of the Party
Aint She Pretty?

This is Why I Married Her After Watching Momma fishin', the name Anniebell came to mind. What do you think?

Chrissy was so excited when she got home, she opened presents all over again.

Maggie had a tiring day. She like visiting Grandpa but I know she's ready for a good long week of laying around.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Boob Class and A Slight Correction

I think I may have been misleading in my last blog. Chrissy is a little bigger than she looked in that picture. I thought I'd show a little progression of how she has umm... developed.


Getting Bigger

And Bigger

And this is her now. She's the prettiest pregnant chick I've ever seen.

More pictures from Easter. Man I'm behind.

Below is a picture of Maggie and her new friend Blacky. Blacky moved next door a few months ago. We don't know his real name, so that is what we're calling him.

And as indicated in the title of this blog, we had our first breast feeding class tonight. Yes, I did say WE had a breast feeding class. I had a whole bunch of good jokes prepared like: "Alright girls, whip em out", and "I'll be the first volunteer", but I was a big chicken and didn't say a thing. I even had Chrissy go scope out the class to see if there were any other guys there prior to me showing up. It was pretty informative, but I did blush a good bit.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Time on My Hands

Now that the dreaded exam is over, I've got time on my hands to do things like put pictures on the blog. Pictures of my beautiful wife and her big old monster belly.
This is her favorite position to be in. She is supposed to check for movement every day so she lays there and feels her stomach. I find her there all the time. Maggie likes to check for movement as well.
We went to a baby class for 3 Thursdays. I learned how to swaddle. For those of you uneducated non-parents/non-future parents, that means wrapping them up in a blanket. Is that what the Bible is talking about when it says "wrapped in swaddling clothes"? I also changed a diaper. That was tough.

Here is Chrissy and our teacher Ursula. She was great. Chrissy and I were her only students. It was lots of fun and very informative. I liked everything but the movies. That was gross.
I'm watching baseball now. The Sox are playing the Indians. Speaking of baseball, Chrissy wrote about our fantasy baseball league. Unfortunately, the baseball dali lama (me) isn't doing as well as expected. Am I overthinking it? Am I too aggressive and making too many moves? Would you expect Roy Oswalt and Cy Young Award winner C. C. Sabathia to be playing so poorly? Hopefully it will start getting better.

We're going to Florida next weekend. It will be Chrissy's last trip before the baby. We still don't have a name for her. The newest ones we've been considering are Meagan, Evelyn, and Elanor.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


I've been studying for the last few months for the Professional Engineering Exam. I started studying in January and I think overall, I put about 200 hours into it. The 8 hour exam was today and I'm so relieved to be done with it. I don't think I did very well, but I did better than I expected to. Now I have to wait 3 months to see if I passed. I don't know what I'm going to do with all this free time now. Good thing there's a baby on the way to take care of my to-do list.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

I'm #1!

I know it's not nice to brag but I have to real quick because I know it won't last long. Chad decided to play fantasy baseball this year with some friends form church and our brother-in-laws. He roped me into playing even though I don't know much about the players or too much about the game. I can play fantasy football okay but baseball is a little more complicated. Even so, as of this morning, which I am sure will change after the games are played today, I am in 1st place. Go me! Don't worry though I know one of the fellas will win the whole thing and you won't have to read any more bragging from me. By the way Chad's in 3rd right now, hehe.