Monday, April 28, 2008

Disney World, I Mean Fort Knox

Its not often that I get to have fun at my job, but last week was one of those times. Congress, in its infinite wisdom, decided it would be beneficial to the nation to move the Armor School from Fort Knox to Fort Benning. That means we've got to build a whole bunch of stuff at Benning to accomodate the nation's tankers in training. To have a better understanding of how everything works, another Project Engineer and I went to Knox to see things first-hand. It was actually quite beneficial. Many things about our Government discourage and frustrate me, but when it comes to national defense, I believe we're in good hands. I'd hate to be an enemy of the army I saw last week. Talk about fire power. I'll write about visiting the ranges tomorrow when I have time to download some other pictures. In our small amount of free time, we went to the Patton Museum. The coolest part was the tanks and this helicopter.

There were also a bunch of cool tanks.

Part of the Berlin Wall was there.

Looks a lot different on the other side.

You might remember seeing this a few years ago on the news. This used to be on top of a statue in Iraq. That was before we blew it up.

I can't remember if this is the actual car that Patton crashed in or if its a replica.

Patton's Jacket and Helmet.

One of the famous Patton 6-shooters.

This was a promotional poster for joining the Corps of Engineers. Pretty cool.

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