Friday, May 02, 2008

Fort Knox Continued

The next day at Knox, we got to have a little fun. This is a simulator for a Stryker vehicle.This is the interior. If you think about top gun where they had flight simulators, its kind of the same thing except its for ground vehicles. I went through a couple of the scenarios, and not to sound too high on myself, but they say I was a natural. Maybe if this engineering thing doesn't work out, I've got a future in Stryker driving.

Some of the things they do looks like big video games. The reason the army is going digital in training is because its so expensive to fire the real thing. This is a 50 caliber semi-automatic like the ones used on top of a hummer. I didn't get to fire one of these. Maybe next time.
We watched these M-l Abrams firing from about 100 yards. I didn't know it was coming so I almost jumped out of my skin. It got a good chuckle out of the rest of the group watching.

I got to sit in one of them as well. Took a little drive in a Bradley as well.

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