Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mount Palgang

We went to the top of Mount Palgang.  Not being hikers, we took the easy route on the cable car.

Donghwasa Temple

We visited a Buddhist Temple on the side of Palgang Mountain called Donghwasa.
 The kings serve as guardians of the temple.

 It was amazing to watch full grown people come in and bow down to these statues. 

 The Temple was interesting, and so was the scenery.

 There were lots of steps and lots of hills around here.  Rufus was the only one that found that humorous.

Flower Festival

This is the view we have out our window every day.  You can see th leaves changing colors in the mountains behind the city.

 Piglet and Rufus had a special visitor come for visit for a few weeks.  We're trying to take her somewhere special every weekend. 
 The first weekend, we went to a flower festival at a park in Daegu.

Cute Kids at Home


Halloween 2012

Went to Camp Carroll for some Halloween fun.
 Piglet is a Fairy this year. 
 And Rufus went as Tim Tebow.

 After the party, it was off to Pizza Hut.