Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A New Red Sox Fan?

I don't know if Chad has clenched Andrew's affections for the Red Sox but he sure is trying. I just hope that Mitch and Jawan don't mind since they are Braves fans. Maybe the Sox can be Andrew's second favorite team.

On a different note we close on our new house March 7th. Chad and I are going back to the house today to finish putting down the thresholds and quarter rounds. I will try to take some new pictures and put them up tonight.

Sunday, February 26, 2006


Yep sports fans. Its true. We finally got an offer on the house. We close the end of March. God is good.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Ramblin Man

It is now day 41 here at the Residence Inn. Looking back over the past five years, I've lived in three different states, 10 different houses/apartments/hotels, and I'm still not home yet. We're closing on our new house on the 28th of February. I guess we'll be settled in after that. I can't really remember what that feels like. I haven't lived anywhere for more than a year since I was in High School. I always figured I'd be the type to settle down somewhere and never leave. I wonder if that will ever be me. I think it will finally happen here in Columbus, but that was what I thought in Anniston too, and Jacksonville, and West Palm Beach. I'm surprisingly very happy where I'm at right now. That probably has something to do with the girl sitting across the room from me watching the Olympics (GO USA!). I know I could think of a few things going wrong right now, but there are so many good things in my life right now. I've got a wonderful wife, a great dog, a good job. I have an awesome Church/Pastor/Church family. I root for an excellent baseball team. Ryan's finally breaking up with Marissa (hopefully). Life is good.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Rocket Homecoming?

I was reading the Dirt Dogs website this afternoon, and the last few columns were all about the possibility of Clemens returning to Boston. Its rumored that the Sox were even putting a video together of Sox fans asking him to return to Bean Town to finish out his career. I can see the positives and negatives to Roger returning.

1. 1.87 ERA last year.
2. It would be nice to see him stick it to the Yankees.
3. With Wells probably leaving, it would be great to have another starter if Arroyo or Clement go into a slump.
4. He is known for his excellent work ethic.
5. If he doesn't go to the Sox, the Yanks are looking at him too.
6. Great role model for the youngsters (Pap, Beckett, Hansen)
1. He's 43 years old.
2. His ERA hasn't been as good in the AL.
3. He was paid 18 million last year and he'll probably be asking about the same.
4. He hasn't exactly been well liked in Boston over the last few years.

In my opinion, I don't think he's a great pickup. There is no telling how long his arm will hold up. It will also be tough to root for him after seeing him play for the bad guys for so long. I've also heard that he received special treatment in Houston that he'd probably expect wherever he ends up. We just have to trust that the Theo will make the right decision.

A Birthday, Baseball and the Super Bowl

This past weekend was Olivia's 6th birthday. Chad and I had a great time being there. It was a bowling party so we helped the kids bowl and helped serve the pizza and birthday cake. The kids in my lane did a great job. They bowled better than I do with 4 spares and 1 strike. I was a little jealous. The cake was done by Winn Dixie and it was delicious. Chad and I went to the Auburn baseball game after the party. It was freezing, even Chad got cold and he's never cold. I think the weather helped the other team to win since they are from Virginia. I wanted to get my picture taken with Aubie but there was no way that I was going to get out from under the blanket and 2 jackets I had on. Sunday we went to the church Super Bowl party. Yet again there was a lot of great food and we ate too much. Someone made a great strawberry dessert that I need the recipe for. The party was a lot of fun especially since most everyone there were Steelers fans ( someone even brought their terrible towel with them ). I was just happy that the game wasn't boring.