Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Rocket Homecoming?

I was reading the Dirt Dogs website this afternoon, and the last few columns were all about the possibility of Clemens returning to Boston. Its rumored that the Sox were even putting a video together of Sox fans asking him to return to Bean Town to finish out his career. I can see the positives and negatives to Roger returning.

1. 1.87 ERA last year.
2. It would be nice to see him stick it to the Yankees.
3. With Wells probably leaving, it would be great to have another starter if Arroyo or Clement go into a slump.
4. He is known for his excellent work ethic.
5. If he doesn't go to the Sox, the Yanks are looking at him too.
6. Great role model for the youngsters (Pap, Beckett, Hansen)
1. He's 43 years old.
2. His ERA hasn't been as good in the AL.
3. He was paid 18 million last year and he'll probably be asking about the same.
4. He hasn't exactly been well liked in Boston over the last few years.

In my opinion, I don't think he's a great pickup. There is no telling how long his arm will hold up. It will also be tough to root for him after seeing him play for the bad guys for so long. I've also heard that he received special treatment in Houston that he'd probably expect wherever he ends up. We just have to trust that the Theo will make the right decision.

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jay said...

OK, Brother. Let's just address these one at the time:
Your Pros:
1. not only is last year's ERA great, but since 2002, that average has improved every year.
2. Down with the pinheads in pinstripes!
3. I think you're #3 and #6 are one in the same. Even if Wells doesn't leave, he will know that he has to keep his game up-to-par so Clemens doesn't get all of the attention. Wells is that kind of guy.
4. Again, this goes with #6. How great would it be for a young pitcher to not only have a guy like Clemens helping him out, but to get to watch your mentor show you what he just taught you?
5. If he goes to the Yanks to end his career, that should be the only reason to hate him.
6. Enough can't be said about the knowledge he can share...with ANY player.

Your Cons:
1. 43, schmorty-three. Since his 40th birthday, his ERA has improved 2.48. No worries.
2. 3.30 ERA with the Sox, Jays, and pinheads. Not as good as 2.43 as with the Astros, but still...3.12 career average! No worries.
3. Not much to say about the money. That is ABSOLUTELY an issue. Hopefully Theo can do something with that. Theo's back. No worries.
4. The reason why he has not been liked in Boston is because he was a member of the Dark Side. It's a rule. He is not supposed to be liked. Watch what happens to Mr. Damon the first time he steps onto the grass at Fenway. I guarantee that those fingers aren't telling him that he's Number 1. No worries.

I, personally, would LIKE to see the trade to "Bring him home", if in fact he is ending his career this year (or maybe in two years). The reason for my partiality is because I remember when he came into the league. He was a hero with a wicked fastball...as he is still, 22 years later. I remember the 7 Cy Young Awards, 1986 All-Star Game MVP and Player of the Year. You can't throw away memories like that. Theo will need to address his special treatment, which I think there should be none. As far as being tough to root for him after seeing him play for the bad guys...no contest. Since I grew up watching him as a Sox pitcher, he was always a Sox pitcher in my eyes. Even though he was wearing pinstripes on the outside, he was still bleeding RED on the inside.
Go Sox!