Saturday, July 26, 2008

Gettin Ready for Bed

I wanted to show just how cute it looks when Piglet is preparing to go to college, I mean to bed.

By the way, I think she is starting to feel much better. I don't hear near the amount of congestion she had yesterday. Hopefully, it will continue to improve.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Piglet Update

After a day and part of the night of no sleep and continual crying we ended up having to take Piglet back to the doctor. All day Kaitlin would cry unless she was held with me standing up and her at an angle facing the floor. My arms got a good workout. Kaitlin ended up with a moderate ear infection in both ears. You can tell that she's doing better today because her appetite is way up.

Last Friday Chad decided that we needed to see a movie so one of our great friends, Jawan,watched Kaitlin for us and then had us over for some yummy homemade pizza. While we were out she took some great pictures of Kaitlin and here are just a few of our favorites.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sickly Piglet

Poor Kaitlin is sick. She has a fever, runny nose, and a yucky cough. Thankfully she is a mostly happy sick girl. Last night she had a few hours of crying on and off but I think that was because she was tired but had a hard time falling asleep because of her cold. Chad and I took her to the doctor yesterday and they said to keep her elevated, run the humidifier, and suction her nose ( I hate doing that because she is so squirmy and will hit my arm to make it go up her nose too far ). Last night she slept from 10-10:30 until 4:15 I hope that is because she is about to start sleeping through the night and not just because she is tired from being sick.

Friday, July 18, 2008

The 4th and A Reunion

A lot has happened since my my last post. Piglet got to wear her 4th of July outfit.

She also got to see her Aunt Alisa for the first time. She loves her Aunt Lynn too.
She also wore her first Red Sox hat. Its still a little big, but she'll grow into it.
Happy little girl.
We then went to Joe Wheeler State Park in North Alabama for a week long reunion. It was right on Wheeler lake. A beautiful place.

Hanging out with Papa.

Our family sure has grown.
Cousin Emily, (the princess)

My Dad and his Brothers
Piglet Looking Cute

Future Babysitter
Nana Mac
Chillin in her Gator jersey

We went to 1st Baptist Opelika a few weeks ago. Took some nice pictures downtown.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Seeing the Grandparents

Last week, I took a few days off to take Piglet down to Jacksonville and see some folks. My Grandparents (Mom's side) and other Grandfather (Dad's side) got to see her for the first time. On with the pictures.

Daddy doesn't get to dress her very often, but when he does, he really takes advantage of it.

Another Daddy outfit at her Nana Baxley's

Hanging out with Papa Baxley

The Next Day, she got to see her Papa J.O.

Isn't this a pretty dress?

Sleeping with Papa. You should have heard them both snoring

My Little Love Bug

Nana Mac knows how to soothe me

Happy Girl at Papa's House

Piglet went to her first baseball game. The Suns vs the Chattanoooga Lookouts. You'll never believe who was playing first base for the double-A Suns; Mark Belhorn. A few years ago, he was on the World Series Champion Boston Red Sox. It was kind of sad.

Uncle Eric and Aunt Nannette went to the game with us

2 Good Lookin Fellas

Watching Baseball with Daddy

It was a Tiring Weekend

Piglet is a Great Car Rider

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Playtime with Piglet

Kaitlin woke up in a good mood this morning so I decided to get out the activity mat that her Aunt Alisa and Uncle Jason gave her. She's played on it before but only for a few minutes at a time. Today she played on it for at least 30 minutes, I played with her some and she played by herself some. Kaitlin had a great time, she smiled and cooed and kicked. Maggie wanted to play also and tried to lick her every time she made a sound.

Here is a picture from yesterday when she played in her crib. She loved her Florida gator and her bulldog (not the Georgia kind) stuffed animals.