Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Graduation and a Party

A couple of weeks ago was Yaya's graduation. Kaitlin was excited to go to a graduation again but was disappointed when we didn't get to ride a school bus like we did at Daddy's graduation. We are so proud of Olivia, I can't believe how much she has gown up since I first met her.
Surprisingly Kaitlin did not make too much noise during the ceremony and was rewarded with Chick-fil-a for lunch.
Later that night Uncle Keith, Aunt Joan and cousin Aidan came for a visit. Katie loves playing with Aidan, she wanted to go with him when he left the next day.
Saturday was Katie's birthday party at her favorite place, Chick-fil-a. She was so excited she couldn't wait for the party to start.

About a week before her party Katie decided that she really wanted a Tinkerbell cake with all the faries. Before that I thought we would be going with a princess or Strawberry Shortcake cake. We found all the faries at Toys'R'Us and added them to the cake.

Katie has been talking about having party hats at her party for at least a month. I think it was due to an episode of Special Agent Oso, but I'm not sure. I was surprised that the kids wanted to wear them as well.

Katie refused to go up to the slide when we first got there. She wanted to go down the slide but she was afraid of the things she had to go up to get to it even though Uncle Big and Daddy tried to go with her. All it took was a few minutes with Yaya and she could't get enough.
After the party she left with Yaya and Papa to go visit her cousins in South Carolina. I cried ( I am a little hormonal you know ) but she left with no problems. I know she's having a great time swimming and seeing the family but I will be excited when she gets back Wednesday.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Piglet's 3rd Birthday!

Thursday was Piglet's 3rd birthday. The day started off going to a checkup for Rufus. All is good and I am dialated to a 3-3 1/2 and am 80% effaced. Piglet loves going to hear Rufus' heartbeat.
After that we saw some friends, went to lunch and then we ran a few errands. I had a return for Babies R Us so we had to look at toys. One of the ladies that worked there found out that it was Piglet's birthday so they gave her a crown and a balloon.
We also had to go to the grocery store to pick up a few things like another balloon and cake. Piglet was so excited about her balloons, she pretended that they were kites and flew them all around the house. We got home just before a bad storm came through that knocked out our power. Thankfully it was nothing too serious and Piglet's room has plenty of natural light.
After playing with the balloons for a while we played big church. Here you can see Piglet leading everyone in singing.
Being Memorial Day weekend there were no small cakes with flowers on them. That was okay with Piglet since she wanted one with an American flag on it. The American flag cake was just a little too small for 5 people so she happily picked one with sprinkles on it instead.
For someone that loves attention she was a little shy when we sang Happy Birthday to her.

Notice the bad lighting. The power came on around 7. Piglet didn't seem to mind since we had presents to play with.

Happy Birthday Piglet!!!!

Monday, May 09, 2011

Mother's Day and Graduation

Piglet celebrated her second Mother's day yesterday. She was so excited to give her Mommy the card she picked out for her. Piglet was also excited to show off her princess dress to her friends.

Then today, we went to my graduation. It feels great to be done with school.

Mema, Papa Jack, Uncle Bigs, and Papa joined Momma and Piglet in the stands for the festivities.

Piglet was excited to see me on the big screen.

And then it was picture time.

This is my favorite place in all of Auburn. I've enjoyed using my student I. D. card to get into baseball games for free.

Next, we've got three birthdays and a new baby on the way. May is a busy month.