Monday, February 11, 2008

Chrissy's Real Answers

It was sweet of Chad to write my answers for me, but he got a few things wrong so now I will correct them.

5 Things About Me:

1. I would love to be a neat freak, but I'm not.

2. Although I do hate the lid to the toilet being left up becuase tiny particles do fly up in the air and land on my toothbrush I hate something else more. I hate it when I am in a public restroom and I see grown women not washing their hands. Why would you not wash your hands? It makes no sense to me, even most of my 3 year olds know to wash their hands.

3. Chad was right my favorite thing to do right now is lay in bed and watch Matilda move. It's just reassuring that everything is okay.

4. I do love my Snoopy pajama pants, they are very comfy.

5. I still get an Easter basket from Mom. She only puts Cadsburry Cream Eggs and a 1 lb solid chocolate easter bunny in my basket. I love to dip the chocolate bunny in crunchy peanut butter and eat it, it is so much better than a reece's cup.

6. I also love my husband very much, but I don't love making a feast for him so he can sit in his boxers and watch sports. ( I know that I did one extra but I didn't want Chad to think that I forgot him. )

5 PLace US

1. Boston- not for the Soxs or Pats but for the history
2. Hawaii- I probably wouldn't love it there because of getting a sunburn but I still want to try
3. Alaska - the Northern Lights would be awesome and I've heard that a cruise there is beautiful
4. Disney World -I have never been
5. a drive up north somewhere to see all the pretty leaves in the fall

5 Place Outside US

1. Scotland
2. France - how could Chad have forgotten that one?
3. Italy
4. Egypt
5. Spain or Germany I'm not sure

I tag Carolyn if she will blog again.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Chrissy's Turn

Chrissy says there is nothing interesting about her, so I'm going to write her blog for her. Just pretend I'm using my falsetto voice while I'm writing this. See the rules in my blog below.

5 Things about me.

1. My favorite pajama pants have Snoopy on them.

2. I used to be a tough girl until I met Chad. Now I'm a wimp that HAS to be taken care of.

3. My favorite thing to do right now is lay in bed and look at my stomach, hoping Matilda will push her hand out and say hi.

4. I have this really, really, really weird thing about toilets. The lid MUST be closed when the toilet is flushed because it is possible that a tiny particle of pee could make the 15 foot trip from the bowl, through the air, around all of my makeup and lotions and mirrors and mouthwash and deoderent and land on my toothbrush. That goes along with my worst fear of brushing my teeth with a tooth brush that has a tiny particle of pee on it.

5. I worship the ground my husband walks on. He really is God's gift to women. There is nothing I like more than making a delicious feast for my husband to enjoy while he watches his sports from the comfort of the couch in his boxers. And then follow it up with his favorite dessert, Rice Krispy Treats

5 Places US

1. Alaska (Northern Lights)
2. Boston/Martha's Vineyard
3. DC
4. Hawaii (though I think she would hate it)
5. Disney World M-I-C, K-E-Y, M-O-U-S-E, Mickey Mouse (Donald Duck), Mickey Mouse (Donald Duck)

5 Places outside of the US

1. Scotland
2. Italy
3. Ireland
4. Germany
5. Egypt

Tag: There is no one left to tag. Though I'm sure I'll get a response from Chrissy out of this one.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

We're "It"

Our friend Jawan asked us to answer a couple of questions about ourselves; 5 random/weird facts, top 5 places you want to see/want to see again in the US and outside, and tell 5 other people to do the same thing.

Here's mine (Chad's)

1. I never like being the center of attention. I don't like people knowing a lot about me. Sometimes I wonder why I write blogs about my life and my family. It totally isn't me.

2. Despite having a job that requires me to be on top of roofs and scaffolds, I have a bad fear of heights.

3. Even though I'm the manliest of men (you can ask anybody), I really like watching The Hills and the Real World.

4. I want my daughter Matilda to wear lots of cammo clothes and I've already picked her out a pair of construction boots, still looking for cowboy boots. I'm not going to do well with barbie and tea party stuff.

5. I think I'm a gracious winner, but I'm a terrible loser. When I lose, I might not throw a temper tantrum externally, but I'm probably throwing one on the inside. I also will not be able to sleep that night either.

5 Places US:

1. Fenway Park
2. Camden Yards
3. Wrigley Field
4. PETCO Park
5. Cooperstown, NY

5 Places Outside US:

This ones tough. I don't know where any baseball stadiums are outside the US.
1. Kazakhstan
2. Israel (Jesus Places)
3. Rome
4. Greece
5. Scotland

5 People: I don't know anybody that blogs that wasn't already "tagged" by Jawan other than Abbie. I guess I'll include Chrissy too.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Gone Fishin

Got to catch a big one this morning. Ate him this afternoon.