Thursday, February 07, 2008

We're "It"

Our friend Jawan asked us to answer a couple of questions about ourselves; 5 random/weird facts, top 5 places you want to see/want to see again in the US and outside, and tell 5 other people to do the same thing.

Here's mine (Chad's)

1. I never like being the center of attention. I don't like people knowing a lot about me. Sometimes I wonder why I write blogs about my life and my family. It totally isn't me.

2. Despite having a job that requires me to be on top of roofs and scaffolds, I have a bad fear of heights.

3. Even though I'm the manliest of men (you can ask anybody), I really like watching The Hills and the Real World.

4. I want my daughter Matilda to wear lots of cammo clothes and I've already picked her out a pair of construction boots, still looking for cowboy boots. I'm not going to do well with barbie and tea party stuff.

5. I think I'm a gracious winner, but I'm a terrible loser. When I lose, I might not throw a temper tantrum externally, but I'm probably throwing one on the inside. I also will not be able to sleep that night either.

5 Places US:

1. Fenway Park
2. Camden Yards
3. Wrigley Field
4. PETCO Park
5. Cooperstown, NY

5 Places Outside US:

This ones tough. I don't know where any baseball stadiums are outside the US.
1. Kazakhstan
2. Israel (Jesus Places)
3. Rome
4. Greece
5. Scotland

5 People: I don't know anybody that blogs that wasn't already "tagged" by Jawan other than Abbie. I guess I'll include Chrissy too.

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Jawan said...

You're a good man, Chad. Go ahead and throw that tantrum on the inside. I've been praying for you since Sunday night.