Monday, February 11, 2008

Chrissy's Real Answers

It was sweet of Chad to write my answers for me, but he got a few things wrong so now I will correct them.

5 Things About Me:

1. I would love to be a neat freak, but I'm not.

2. Although I do hate the lid to the toilet being left up becuase tiny particles do fly up in the air and land on my toothbrush I hate something else more. I hate it when I am in a public restroom and I see grown women not washing their hands. Why would you not wash your hands? It makes no sense to me, even most of my 3 year olds know to wash their hands.

3. Chad was right my favorite thing to do right now is lay in bed and watch Matilda move. It's just reassuring that everything is okay.

4. I do love my Snoopy pajama pants, they are very comfy.

5. I still get an Easter basket from Mom. She only puts Cadsburry Cream Eggs and a 1 lb solid chocolate easter bunny in my basket. I love to dip the chocolate bunny in crunchy peanut butter and eat it, it is so much better than a reece's cup.

6. I also love my husband very much, but I don't love making a feast for him so he can sit in his boxers and watch sports. ( I know that I did one extra but I didn't want Chad to think that I forgot him. )

5 PLace US

1. Boston- not for the Soxs or Pats but for the history
2. Hawaii- I probably wouldn't love it there because of getting a sunburn but I still want to try
3. Alaska - the Northern Lights would be awesome and I've heard that a cruise there is beautiful
4. Disney World -I have never been
5. a drive up north somewhere to see all the pretty leaves in the fall

5 Place Outside US

1. Scotland
2. France - how could Chad have forgotten that one?
3. Italy
4. Egypt
5. Spain or Germany I'm not sure

I tag Carolyn if she will blog again.

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Jawan said...

Well, just to ease your mind, urine is 90% water so you could actually drink it to survive if water (or diet coke, in your case) was not available. Don't believe me? here