Sunday, March 21, 2010

Piglet this Spring

Piglet has been a busy girl lately. She is getting more and more independent. Her new thing is to "walk baby". She pushes the stroller around the block with her baby doll buckled into the seat.

She ate her first sucker this week. After she finished, her little blue mouth kept saying "more, more, more, more..."

I'm so glad she is an outside girl. She loves to walk around the neighborhood and look for puppydogs and meows.

Mommy took her outside on Saturday for a little photo shoot. Piglet is a beautiful little girl.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Training and Jacksonville

Me and Dad got down to Orlando to catch a few Braves games. We went to Disney where the Braves play their home games and then went to a Braves away game at Houston's spring training site.

Piglet came with me to Jacksonville, but me and my Dad left her in Jacksonville with Mommy to visit family.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Is Here

Spring is my favorite time of year, but has nothing to do with the weather. With the cold going away, the boys of summer come out and play. Pitchers and catchers report in February, the first spring training games start in early March, and my new love, college baseball is starting up as well. I'm proud to say that my Piglet has now been to 4 baseball games. Her latest trip was to my school, Auburn. Piglet lasted 8 inning with no problems. I think having her cousins there with her really helped. Popcorn also seemed to keep her occupied.Below is a picture from her first baseball game. Hasn't she really grown? I went to Orlando last week for some spring training games. Piglet didn't make the trip. I'll post some pictures later on.