Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A Birthday, Baseball and the Super Bowl

This past weekend was Olivia's 6th birthday. Chad and I had a great time being there. It was a bowling party so we helped the kids bowl and helped serve the pizza and birthday cake. The kids in my lane did a great job. They bowled better than I do with 4 spares and 1 strike. I was a little jealous. The cake was done by Winn Dixie and it was delicious. Chad and I went to the Auburn baseball game after the party. It was freezing, even Chad got cold and he's never cold. I think the weather helped the other team to win since they are from Virginia. I wanted to get my picture taken with Aubie but there was no way that I was going to get out from under the blanket and 2 jackets I had on. Sunday we went to the church Super Bowl party. Yet again there was a lot of great food and we ate too much. Someone made a great strawberry dessert that I need the recipe for. The party was a lot of fun especially since most everyone there were Steelers fans ( someone even brought their terrible towel with them ). I was just happy that the game wasn't boring.

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