Saturday, May 31, 2008

About Kaitlin

We don't have a real good feel for her personality yet, but we do know some things about her already. She has great lungs.
When she gets really ticked off, she snorts in between cries. I'll have to get that on video. Its pretty funny. I've started calling her piglet since her snorts sound like a little pig. She has been sleeping a lot. She is getting cuter every day.
She likes to sleep with her arms up. Its like she's saying "Touchdown Patriots/Jaguars/Gators/Tigers" already.
Sheila (Chrissy's Mom) is still staying with us, which has been a great help. Especially for me. My Dad came up last night for another visit. Its nice to have family around.
When I was in Walmart a couple days ago, my mind drifted back to when my nephew Noah was about one year old. I remember watching his Dad Jason wipe a booger off of his lip and wipe it on his pants leg. I told him that was disgusting. His reply; "When your a Dad, you have no shame". I remember thinking that I'd never do stuff like that. The reason that memory came up in Walmart was because I had just asked the lady in the clothing section where the nursing bras were. Yep, when you're a Dad, you have no more shame.

On to the pictures!!!
Touchdown Kaitlin!
Me and My Girls
Cousin Zoey hanging out in the nursery
Shee Shee
Cute When She's Asleep
Cute When She's Awake
Her First Birthday Cake
Sucking My Thumb
Sleeping to the Gator Fight Song
My Dad Thought it would be funny to take this picture. Can you see me under the brown side walking down the road? The day after she was born, we went looking for a photo center to make some pictures he could carry home to Florida. We were on the interstate when he decided to tell me we were running low on gas. About 5 seconds later, the car shut off. So I had to walk 2 miles in the heat of the day to buy a gas can and fill it up with gas. Yeah, he got a lot of laughs out of taking this picture. He also told me not to tell anybody. Whoops.


jay said...

See, I told shame. Listen to your B-I-L. I'm not as dumb as I look.

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