Sunday, April 20, 2008

Why all the excitement and dancing? No, its not because of my new Superbad T-shirt. Even though it is Superbad. Its because we had our last shower down in Jacksonville this weekend. Friends of my Mom and Dad threw us the shower. They did such a wonderful job. Look at this spread!!!

And so many of our friends and family came to the shower. We had a great time and truly felt loved.

One of the most special things we received were some of my baby stuff that my Mom had saved for me. I didn't even know she had kept it. My Mom was the garage sale queen so I was very surprised to see all of it. This was my diaper bag.And this was one of my baby hats. It doesn't seem to fit like I remember it.
Chrissy got a new hat too.
Our "theme" is Winnie The Pooh. Look at the bag we got!!! She was so excited.
My Dad got us a Gator Mobile. You should hear the tune it plays. She'll be going to sleep to the Gator fight song.

Me and My Cousin Mark
My Little Cousin, the Life of the Party
Aint She Pretty?

This is Why I Married Her After Watching Momma fishin', the name Anniebell came to mind. What do you think?

Chrissy was so excited when she got home, she opened presents all over again.

Maggie had a tiring day. She like visiting Grandpa but I know she's ready for a good long week of laying around.

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