Thursday, July 16, 2009

Warner Robins

We've had a busy few weeks. First we went to Oxford for Father's Day, the next weekend we went ot Atlanta for a couple of Braves/Red Sox games, a trip to Stone Mountain for the laser show, and then we were in Warner Robins for 2 weeks. Lots of fun.

Kaitlin loves Zoe and Zoe loves her. When Kaitlin cries Zoe will come running to rescue her with doggie kisses.

Chad, Dad, and Brian were watching Kaitlin and this is what they let her play with. It was so nice seeing Maggie, we've missed her. Kaitlin is playing with my 1st baby doll, Mary. My grandmother gave her to me when I was 6 months old.

Kaitlin loves her uncle Jason. And her aunt Alisa.
We came home for the weekend during our 2 weeks in Warner Robins and found our bed covered with thousands of ants. There are no pictures of that but here is Kaitlin ready for church the next morning.

Playing at the hotel.

Fast asleep after a long day.

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