Thursday, July 27, 2006

Savannah Day 4

Had another good day seeing the sites. Don't feel like writing much so without further ado, on with the pictures:

John Wesley
Minister from the Church of England to the New World. Credited as the Father of the Methodist Church
Savannah's "Little Dig"
Some interesting engineering. They drilled into the soil using augers (big drills) about 90 feet down and filled the area with cement grout and H beams for reinforcement. Now they are excavating the soil and pumping the water out. They have excavated over 120,000 cubic yards of soil so far. What are they doing this for? When finished, it will be a large underground parking lot. A hotel will then be constructed above the garage. You can read more about it at
Not sure what Michaelangelo is doing in Savannah, but I guess it has something to do with Savannah's art school. This town has a surprising amount of culture, at least surprising to me.
The parks are beautiful downtown. There are many statues and fountains, like this one here.

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