Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Savannah: Day 2 (Chrissy)

Yesterday was a much better day to go looking around. After I met Chad for lunch I went on a long walk by the river. It was so nice and there are so many stores to look at. I won't lie, my favorites were the candy stores with all the fudge and chocolate covered everything. I didn't buy any but I did get a free sample of the oreo fudge, it was yummy. Last night I took Chad to the river and we ate at a cajun place. It was okay, not really my thing though. Later we had some delicous ice cream and sat on a bench while we listened to a guy playing the saxaphone.

The Garden at the Independent Presbyterian Church


Jawan said...

Glad you two are having a good time on the other side of the state. It still cracks me up, though.....Independent Presbyterian...what an oxymoron. Oh, well, enjoy the rest of the week. Miss you!

Mark and Abbie's blog said...

Umm, you were in Savannah and so close to us and didn't call...little perturbed! We love you anyway! Are you heading to reunion or not?! We're planning on making the trek...I think Brad Prince is too..not sure who else. I'll talk to you later.