Thursday, November 22, 2007

My Town

I just turned over a construction project to the army. I've been working on this job since March of 2006. Its basically an overgrown paintball complex. Its supposed to simulate a small city. When the soldiers goes in, they kill the power at the electrical complex and take the town. There are houses, a gas station, a 3 story hotel, bank, church, police station, townhouse, office buildings, and a government building. The job was considered a success because we turned it over on time with only a 1% cost growth. That means it was a good design and good contractor. 3 story hotel
The view from the roof of the 3-story government center

Basement of the hotel entering into the tunnel system. The tunnels go to 2 other buildings.
Gas Station (don't have the pumps in yet)

The Church
Graveyard with a crypt. We had a good time thinking about what to put on the tombstones. We wanted to write a little obituary on each one explaining how we died.

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