Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Like Daddy, and Visiting St. Augustine

Chrissy wrote a little blog about how sometime Piglet acts like her. She acts like me some times too. Trying to put Daddy's shoes on. And brush her teeth with Daddy's toothbrush.

We went to Jacksonville and St. Augustine last Wednesday. The purpose of the visit was partly to see family, and the other reason was to celebrate our anniversary.
We got to see some family like cousin Hadley.

And cousin Reyland

Piglet loves playing with her little friends.

Piglet can say Momma real well. In fact she says it all the time. Every now and then, she'll say Daddy. It took about two days for her to learn Nana-mac. I think its got something to do with all of the cookies Nana-mac feeds her.

For the anniversary part, we went to St. Augustine for a two days and one night. My brave Father and Grandmother agreed to babysit over that time.

St. Augustine's a really cool city. Great place to visit and see the sites.

Piglet took her second trip to the beach. I expected her to be a little hesitant, but that kid just jumped right in.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Like Mamma

It's nice for me to see Kaitlin wanting to be like me soemtimes. Here she is lifting my 3lb weights after a workout.
And now cleaning the house. I will be sooo glad when she can actually help. Of course by then she will have no deire to help out.