Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Boo Pedro?

A lot of debate over the last few days about what to do with Pedro. Do the fans boo him? Cheer him? Act indifferent? I say they cheer him. I know I will not be there. If I was, I'd stand up and clap. Perfect game tonight for me would be a 1-o victory for the Sox, Petey being pulled in the 8th and the Mets giving up the run in the ninth. I'm actually kind of worried about to night. I remember Roger's first game back in bean town after being shown the door. He pitched with a vengeance. Hopefully that doesn't happen tonight. Oh well. The games about to start. Go SOX!

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jay said...

Well, Pedro just got knocked out. I'm sad for him, but still happy our beloved Sox are ahead 8-1 in the top of the 5th. As Pedro took the mound, I did just as the mass of Fenway Park....I raised my Bud Light gooseneck bottle, tipped my Red Sox cap, and gave a loud "WOO-HOO!" In my eyes, it was deserved. He was always good, sometimes a little too crazy, but ALWAYS a team-player. He fit in with the other "Idiots". And most importantly, he was an undeniable factory in bringing the World Series trophy back to Boston. Sorry about tonight, Pedro. God Bless. Hope to see you in October at the Big Show!