Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Last Birthday Hint


So Chrissy figured out that one of the cities we'll be staying in is Monterey, California. We'll be staying close to Cannery Row, the setting for one of Steinbeck's books. I told her she might be able to find some of her Dad's cheese (Monterey "Jack" Cheese).

She still isn't sure about the other one, so I'll give her a couple of pictures that are sure to give it away:

We'll definitely have to ride on one of these through China Town:

I love bridges, kind of an engineering dork thing. I'll definitely want a few pictures of this famous bridge:

Happy Birthday Chrissy. I love you!

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Mark and Abbie's blog said...

I would say that you are spoiled...but I think it's more blessed! That sounds like such a fun trip Chrissy and Chad. I was on the total opposite coast from where you'll be going...oh well...I'm never good at guessing. Have fun on your trip.