Thursday, August 30, 2007

Traveling and Hunting for the Perfect Present

Its been a long day. My day started at a little after 3 am. Chrissy took me to the Atlanta airport for my 7:00 flight. I got to the airport a little before 5. It was so hard leaving my 2 girls, Chrissy and Maggie. I miss them so much!!! Especially Chrissy. My first flight left Atlanta at 7 and arrived in Detroit, Michigan at 9:30. My second flight left Detroit at 10:30 and landed in Boston a little after noon. I waited for about 2 hours for my Dad to arrive. While I was waiting, I got to see a little bit of the Red Sox getting swept by the bad guys. Maybe they need a little McLeod luck to jump start them. After me and my Dad met up, we spent the next 2 hours riding a bus to the subway, subway to the train, train to the shuttle and the shuttle to our hotel. We are definitely pooped. Neither one of us wanted to do much tonight, but I did want to start my hunt for Chrissy's present. After doing a little unsuccessful present hunting, we came back to the hotel for what they called BarBQ. I guess Mass.'s version of BarBQ is a little different than Georgia/Alabama, but the hamburgers and hot dogs weren't bad. Not many pics today, but I did take a couple. More to come tomorrow. On with the pics!!!!
This might be the most exciting part of my trip so far. I chose this hotel specifically because they offered a suite with a door separating the bedroom from the living room with sofabed. My Dad sleeps like a cross between a fog horn and a chainsaw. The Government wanted to use tape recordings of his snoring for interigating terrorists, but the ACLU made a big deal about it being too cruel and inhumane.
Like I said earlier, we went shopping for a present for Chrissy, but just couldn't find anything in her size. It seems like all that store had was Tedy Bruschi jerseys in my size. It just seemed like a waste, not to get anything after all that time spent shopping.
More to come tomorrow.

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Jawan said...

I thought you were gonna take GROOM to the Atlanta airport....just couldn't part from Chrissy, huh? So sweet.