Thursday, October 02, 2008

Piglet and Maggie

Kaitlin loves Maggie, she is completely fascinated by her. When Maggie is near Kaitlin always reaches out and tries to touch her, she will talk to her, and squeals with delight if Maggie gives her a kiss. So this morning we took a few pictures of Kaitlin lovin on Maggie.
Notice in all the pictures how I'm trying to hide? I didn't want anyone to see my ratty shirt and the dark circles under my eyes.

Finally Maggie gets to love on Kaitlin and I'm not in the picture.


Anna Hall Volz said...

My favorite one is the last one with maggies tongue all the way across kaitlin's face!!! =) so sweet...i miss you!!!

Michelle said...

Hi There :) What sweeties they are dog and baby! love it..