Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Things You'll Want To Know

This post is mainly for Piglet. Let me explain. When we were preparing for Piglet to join our family, we spent a lot of time picking things out for her room. I asked my Dad what my first room was like, along with all the other things I had, but he was little help. Since Papa Rick and I share the trait of having a terrible memory, I've decided to take pictures of things that are important to Piglet right now so when she asks questions about what her room was like, I'd have something to show her. This was your first Bible. Its called the Jesus Storybook Bible. I'd like to say I read to you every night, but then that simply isn't true. I'm working on it though.
These 3 pictures are in your bedroom right above the changing table. Sorry about the light. They're pictures of Pooh, Piglet, and Tigger.

This is Albert. He is your favorite stuffed animal. When you push his belly, he says Go Gators. Albert belonged to your Nana Debbie. Albert was given to her after she got sick. I thought it only appropriate that he be given to you. He always made her smile, just like he does for you.

This is your closet. I would show you the whole thing, but I don't have a wide lense. I think you've got more outfits at 5 months than your Mommy and Daddy combined.

These are your first Tim Tebow shoes. Tim Tebow is the Heisman-winning, Jesus-loving, homeschooled, quarterback for the Florida Gators. Your Daddy has shoes just like them. Some people say that Superman wears Tim Tebow pajamas. We like him a bunch.

This is your glider. We read stories to you in this thing. I'll have to say that Momma has spent more time with you here than Daddy. Sometimes it helps you fall asleep.... Sometimes.

This is your first crib. It has Winnie the Pooh themed linens. Something really weird happened a few nights ago. You were asleep in your bed, and the monitor was on. All of a sudden, your mobile started going. It only made noise for a few seconds, but it really creeped me out. True story.

Our Friend Mrs. Jawan painted this picture for you. We love it. It brightens up the room.

This is your Daddy's nemesis, the changing table. I've changed many a number 1, but the number 2's; that is a different story. I've tried twice and threw up both times. Daddy and Winnie the Pooh go well together. Daddy and Piglet's pooh do not.

This is your bouncing apparatus (I made the name up, don't know what its really called). You love to jump up and down in it and play with all the neat little contraptions on it. You'll usually last a good 15 minutes in here before getting bored.

This is your first high chair. You're eating oatmeal and really nasty tasting vegetables right now. You really like cotton candy and yogurt.

This is your bottle staralizer. I don't understand how putting bottles in the microwave helps kill germs, but Mommy feels better when we do it, so we do it. Sometimes its just better not to ask questions.

This is the typical layout next to the sink. Mommy spends a lot of time here, making sure you don't get exposed to any viruses such as small pox, yellow fever, and the black plague.

This is your special water. Regular water is not good enough for my baby. Even the $1.00 a gallon purified water is not good enough. My baby needs the $1.50/gallon nursery water. Once again, we use this to protect you from E-coli, whooping cough, and the West Nile virus.

This is your diaper bag. Daddy has never looked cooler than he does now that he gets to carry his own man purse with him every where he goes. It has lots of little compartments. Typical items found in the man purse include but are not limited to:
1. toys, usually Albert the Alligator
2. diapers
3. wipes in a pink little case
4. bottles
5. bottles with nursery water in them to protect you from STD's, fungus', and worms
6. formula
7. beudraoux's butt paste
8. A thermometer that Mommy sticks up your butt (Daddy would never do that because he loves you. Just like how Daddy will not give you shots either, thats all Mommy)
9. Booger Sucker
10. Puke cloths. Some people call them burp cloths, but they've got nothing to do with burping. They're for when you hauk a big wad of sour milk all over Daddy's arms and clothes.
And here is the sweetest baby in the world (you). Its time to go tuck you into bed. I love you Piglet.

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Jawan said...

Chad, you have officially just made me cry. How sweet a daddy are you?!?!?! Now watch this video and feel their pain, boy.

I'm gonna talk about you on my blog.