Tuesday, February 17, 2009

President's Day

We spent Piglet's first President's Day weekend in Jacksonville visiting family. She was the star of the show everywhere we went. Piglet found a new toy to play with as well. Who would have thought a plastic spoon and aluminum pie pan could bring so much happiness.
I think she might be a drummer when she grows up.

How does she know to smile so big when the camera is pointing at her?

Like I said, Piglet is entertainment for all.

Daddy's little ham. Get it? Piglet....Ham
Piglet's Momma found a new store called Once Upon a Child. Its a second hand store for kids clothes and toys. Chrissy was so excited by how much money she was saving; so excited she bought the store out. Its amazing how saving money can cost me so much. Here is one of her new little outfits.

Papa spent some time playing with Piglet in the floor.

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful Baby Girl..!!! Needless to say, she is the Apple of her Papa's eye. She makes my HEART SING. They just don't make them like her anymore.