Thursday, April 30, 2009

St Louis

Went to St Louis last week. It was fun but would have been much more fun if Chrissy and Piglet weren't left behind. Here are a few pics.
This was the view out my hotel window at about 6:30 in the morning.
My friend Eric is in seminary at Covenant. He joined me for one of the 3 baseball games I went to. The Cardinals swept the Mets. I always enjoy watching teams from New York lose.
Here is the view from my seats during the first game.
We were right next to St. Louis' bullpen. Piniero warming up the first game of the series.
At the second game, I was about 6 rows back in center field, right behind Ankiel and Beltran.
In the third game, I scalped a ticket that ended up being in Big Mac land. Its an area in the second deck of left field, named after McGwire who used to hit monster home runs up there. Nobody hit anything up there, but Pujols did hit 2 home runs.
The highlight of the trip actually occured on Sunday, the day I got there. I took a tour of Busch stadium and had a awesome time. We went up into the press box where the announcers sit. Also got to go into some of the luxury boxes. It was actually Larusa's box where his friends watch the games. The best part of the tour was going down onto the field and into the dugout. It was a great trip, but as I said, not nearly as fun without the Piglet and her Momma. I'm glad I got to go, but I'm also glad to be home where I belong... with my girls.

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