Sunday, May 24, 2009

Birthday Time!!!

In a 10 day period, we have all three birthdays for my little family. My Birthday and Momma's are one day apart, and Piglet's is 9 days later. For Momma's Birthday and my birthday, we spent our first weekend away from Piglet. Highlights of the birthday were going to the movies, the Cheesecake Factory (twice), and of course, the Braves game. Special thanks to Granna and Uncle Brian for taking care of her for 4 days.
Kissy did so well at not crying every time she thought about not being with her baby. She only called about once an hour. Not too bad for her first overnight experience away from the monster.
We had a nice view from the left field line. It was a great game. Javier Vasquez pitched for the Braves against the Diamondbacks' Doug Davis. The Braves pulled off a walk-off in the bottom of the 9th.
As much fun as we had, it sure was nice to be home with Piglet. We missed our little girl. Her birthday party was yesterday (May 23). I'll put another post up later with pictures from the party.

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Ang said...

Sorry we missed Piglet's 1st Birthday party! I hope you all had fun. Hopefully we will see you sometime this week!