Friday, December 18, 2009

Piglet's First Sentence???

I'm not sure, but I think Piglet said "That's my Baby" today. Maybe I'm just taking the incomprehensible jibberish that lights up my heart every day and willed it into a sentence, but I really think it was there. Its amazing how smart she is. For instance, here are a few examples.

1. She got a princess chair for Christmas. This afternoon, she put her chair in front of the Christmas tree, moved all the toys from in front of the tree, and sat down to just watch the tree. She just relaxed and enjoyed the tree and the lights.

2. Piglet now has a night time routine. We go into her room, and turn on her lamp and night light. Then we sit down and do our family Bible time. After we finish our songs, Piglet turns on the CD player and turns on her night time CD. Then she gives her baby dolls goodnight kisses, followed by giving Mommy and Daddy night time kisses. Then we put her down and she goes to sleep. Since she has a lamp AND a night light, and the night light is pretty dim; I decided to start turning off the night light as I leave the room to save a little electricity. The first night, she caught me doing it and let me know that wasn't acceptable. Last night, she didn't notice me turn it off, but after we left, she started crying. When Mommy came back in to check on her, she pointed to the light. When Mommy turned it back on, she went right to sleep.

She's smart like her Momma and cute like her Daddy.

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