Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter 2010

Before I get to Easter, we spent last weekend in South Georgia for Piglet's Great Grandfather's birthday. Piglet likes showing Papa the birds.

She had a good time with her cousins too.
This weekend, we went to North Alabama to visit Piglet's Mema and the rest of the family.
Piglet's new bad habit she learned from Papa is picking every flower she finds.
See what I mean.

Piglet followed her cousin around all afternoon.
The girls were getting excited about goin huntin (for eggs)
Mommy helped Piglet find some eggs.

Piglet loves seeing her family.
The thing that surprised me most about Piglet is how focused she can be. I thought she'd be all over the place, loosing interest in hunting eggs after one or two, but she didn't. After she found all of the eggs, she looked at me and said, "more, more, more" until I convinced her that she and her cousin already got all the eggs. When she realized there were prizes in the plastic eggs, she spent the next 5 minutes opening each one. Then she took everything out of her basket and put everything back in. She is an interesting little girl.

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