Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Nap Time

Kaitlin has not had a nap since last Friday. It's sad for me because I am always about to fall asleep when her music cuts off so she knows that she can get up. I shouldn't lay down at all but that's when I try to read the Bible some and once I lay down I am ready for a nap. Kaitlin went through a phase like this a few months ago so maybe she will start napping again soon. She asked to go outside after her rest time and since it wasn't too cold I thought we should. We pulled some weeds, played tag and played with chalk because it's the best thing ever. Sadly I could not handle being out for too long so after 45 minutes we headed inside which broke Kaitlin's heart.

Kaitlin loves her bath time, especially when it's a bubble bath. Here she is "swimming" looking for her glasses like Donald Duck does on one of the Mickey Mouse episodes. She always puts the red thing on her head. She just loves it.

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