Monday, May 28, 2012

Baseball Trip 2012

This year, we our baseball stadium tour consisted of Pittsburgh, Washington DC, Philadelphia, and Baltimore.  Highlights included seeing Josh Hamilton's 4-home run game, Bryce Harper stealing home after getting beaned by Cole Hamels, the Babe Ruth Museum, Liberty Bell, and Arlington National Cemetery.  On with the pics.

 PNC Park was really nice.  You park downtown and walk across the Roberto Clemente Bridge to get to the stadium.

The next day we were in the Capital.  Above is the view of the capital from Robert E. Lee's house at Arlington National Cemetery.  
 The National's park was really nice.  Our only complaint was there was nothing to eat anywhere around the stadium.  We ended up walking a couple miles to the wharf and getting some seafood right off the Potomac River.
 The next day, we got up and headed to Philadelphia. 
 Saw a little history.  Then went to Philadelphia to see Roy Halladay. 
 Babe Ruth was born in this building, about a quarter mile from Camden Yards.  We spent a good two hours going through all the memorabilia and reading all the stories about the Babe.
 Camden Yards is my favorite stadium other than Fenway. 

Seeing Hamilton hit 4 home runs was awesome.  What a guy. 

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