Friday, January 20, 2006

Arroyo made my day

Meet Bronson Arroyo, the anti-Damon. The new king of cool in Bean Town. I was surprised to read about him accepting a new deal to play for my beloved Red Sox. He actually took a big cut from what the league thought he was worth. And why did he do that? I'll let him tell you: ''simply for the reason I want to play in this town. I love being a Red Sox. I wouldn't have signed this deal in any other [city]." I love it.
Now, to Damon's credit, if I get a 25% raise to play for another team, I'm probably taking it. But loyalty still counts for something. It definitely counts for cool points in my book.
I work for the U.S. Government. If I got an offer from a private industry for a big raise, I'd definitely consider it. If however, I got an offer to work for Cuba, or North Korea, I don't care what the raise is. I'm not taking it.
Obviously Johnny Appleseed doesn't think of the rival team as an enemy. But at the same time, you see his loyalty lies in his wallet. Bronson shows that he cares about his city. He cares about his teammates. Anyways. Here are a few reasons you should be pulling for this guy:
1. He was named after Charles Bronson
2. He wore corn rows. And he's white.
3. He has his own band. They kind of sound like Creed, except they're cool.
4.. The loyalty.
5. He wore corn rows. And he's white.
6. He has a cool windup.
7. He was involved with the girly slap incident with Arod, CLASSIC.
8. He is annually at the top of the list in hit batsmen.
9. He also beaned Arod starting the fight between Rodriguez and Varitek.
I understand its possible that he'll now be traded or get hurt in spring training since I'm writing so many nice things about him. I just hope he has a long, successful career in the city he loves;' on the team he loves.


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