Friday, March 24, 2006

Life in Salem

So far living in the new house is great, even the long commute isn't that bad ( I do wish that I had a CD player in my car though ). Maggie loves being able to go outside and run around the back yard, she also enjoys the walks that she is getting again. I am happy to have more than one room to be in, I was getting very bored at the hotel. Don't get me wrong it was nice living there with free breakfast and dinner and housekeeping, but it is nice being in your own home. Chad is happy to be getting home cooked meals again. The only downside to living in Salem is the fact that our cell phones do not pick up here very often and we do not have a home phone yet. Our laptop has been acting funny lately. It makes a clicking sound and then freezes up, if any of you are computer gurus and have an idea of what it might be let me know. Right now we are having to use Chad's work computer which means I can only get to a computer during the weekend, yuck!

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