Sunday, March 26, 2006

Settling In

We're here! Finally, we've settled into our new house. Instead of going home to a hotel room every day, I come home to our very own house. It's been pretty interesting so far. I've been asked a few times if I'm happy to be out of the hotel. I'll have to say it is nice. It's much quieter out here in the sticks. We go for walks late at night some times and we can look up at the stars. I've got to cook out steaks and burgers a few times too. Didn't Chrissy do a great job picking out our area rug? There are also many new responsibilities. I've got a yard to cut again. I've put my blinds up, installed towel racks in the bathroom, installed pergo flooring, seeded the yard, and a few other home improvements. I'm actually enjoying doing all this grownup stuff. I especially enjoy the grilling out.

In other news: If you scroll back into the archives about 3 or 4 posts, you'll see a long blog about Bronson Arroyo. I commented on how refreshing it is to have a player who doesn't just play for the money. He's loyal to the team. Well, he's now a member of the Cincinatti Reds. I'm definitely bummed about no more corn rows. Things change though. As they say, all's fair in love and baseball. In return for a decent pitcher, we picked up something I'm not sure we need; Another outfielder. I guess Trot Nixon is absolutely terrible against lefties because they always like to have somebody to replace him with when playing a southpaw pitcher. Evidently, we can expect a bunch of strikeouts and a bunch of huge homers from Wily Mo Pena. I've got to admit, he's got a cool name. Papi said he has amazing power. I just hate we had to loose such a great player to get him. Good thing my loyalty is to the team, not the players. Go SOX!

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