Monday, May 15, 2006

Praying With 4 Year Olds

Today I subbed for the K-4 class. At the begining of class we say some pledges and then pray. I asked if anyone had any prayer request and a few hands shot up. The first one wanted me to know that her great great great great grandmother died. The next few also told me about someone that they have never known dying. Then the next request was by someone who wanted us to know that his dog died but that it was okay because he now has a cat that he likes ( this also happened a while ago ). Seeing that this was getting out of hand I stopped tham all and said that for today we only need to pray about things that are happening now. Amazingly enough the next request was about someone that had died years ago. I ended up saying my own prayer just asking for us to have a good day and to live to bring glory to God.

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