Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Dog Days of Summer

Saturdays are usually the best days of the week since both Chad and Chrissy are home to play with me. Not so today. Chrissy has had a cold and laid around the house all day. Chad hasn't played with me much either. He was too busy watching football. Then they went to see a movie (Lady in the Water (Not worth the price of admission (even at the $1.50 movie (It was weird and the people in front of them wouldn't stop talking (Chad told me all about it when he got home (I'm using too many parentheses (I'm going to stop now))))))). I'm not going to be all negative though. There were a few good things that happened. Like I got to go on a walk, and I got to go for a short ride in the truck to the grocery store. Well, gotta go. Chrissy is making banana pudding and she's been known to drop a few crumbs from time to time.

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