Saturday, April 21, 2007

A Tree and an Awkward Date

Last night, Chrissy went to a scrap booking party with her friends. Me and one of the other husbands (Mike) decided to go to a movie to kill time while they were doing their thing. We went to see the movie Number 23 (great movie, highly recommend it, but not good for kids). The theatre has a combo called the couples combo which consists of 2 tickets, 2 cokes, and a large popcorn. I felt a little funny asking for the couples combo standing there with a guy, but being masculine, hetero looking guys, I figured nobody would say anything. I figured wrong. The girl at the food counter sure didn't mind giving us a hard time. When I handed her our receipt, she said "awe, what a cute couple". I got a diet coke and Mike got a regular. When she handed us our drinks she said "here's a diet for the one watching his figure, and here's a regular for the one who appreciates it". I don't think my face has ever been more red. That is the last couples combos for me and Mike. I think we might even walk in at different times. We can still talk from a couple aisles away right?

Here's a picture of the Japanes Maple in our back yard. I can't wait for it to get a little bigger. It makes me feel old though, caring about things like yard maintenance and trees.

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Mark and Abbie's blog said...

That was too too funny! Mark even got a kick out of least you didn't go see a chick flick!