Monday, December 24, 2007

Its A...................

Its finally time we told you what the baby is going to be. Is it Jackson Huckleberry? or is it Matilda Clementine? Look at the pictures below to find out.

Holding his/her arm up covering her face. I think he/she will be shy like his/her momma.

Matilda Clementine is on her way!!!! We are now taking suggestions for names.


Jawan said...

Gertrude Evinrude

Carolyn said...

Tinkerbell Thumbelina? Congrats kids! Fantastic news!

Mark & Abbie's Blog (mostly Abbie's) said...

Too precious! Congratulations! We like Helga Bertha!

Love to all! Merry Christmas.

P.S. Finley could be a pretty name for a girl.

Jack Totherow said...

The Too Much Egg Nog Suggestions
Dad suggest - Gatorade
Jack suggest - Totherow Auburn
Mother suggest - Colleen Jane

Ang said...

Hope ya'll had a great X-mas!!! We are in the cold North, got here tonight!! I like the name Taloolabelle :o) Happy New Year!!!