Monday, March 03, 2008

Huntsville Times

We are here in Huntsville, AL for a class Chad is taking. We got into town Sunday night just in time for supper at Dreamland BBQ, yummo. I have family that live here so if course I called my cousin Steffany to see if we could hang out some this week. Steffany had been shopping at a place called Kids Market. It's like a very large 2 week long yard sale for kids clothes, toys, and other stuff. I had to check it out and get a few things for Matilda. I would have bought more but I have no clue how big Matilda will be and I don't want to buy clothes that she won't be able to wear or buy summer clothes when she will fit into them in the winter. I looked for warm 6-9 months clothing and this is what I got for $17.

Notice the camo pants, those are for Chad. He wants to get Matilda a Patriots jersey so she can wear it with camo pants just like her Daddy (it's his favorite outfit that he wears constantly, I have a hard time getting the chance to wash his jersey). When I got back to the hotel and I ran into Capt. Hacket, now she's Major Hacket, who was one of my ROTC instructors in college. It was so neat to run into her. She's here teaching a logistics class. Last night Chad worked on his fantasy baseball team and looked at Red Sox stuff for hours. Tonight he's not allowed to even get on the computer he's only allowed to take me out for supper and study and cuddle with me some.


Jawan said...

Yeah, he better cuddle up with you. The kids miss the snot out of you! Andrew didn't want to go to school today 'cause he knew you wouldn't be there. Hurry back!

Ang said...

We miss you!!!