Thursday, August 07, 2008

Hey Y'all

We're in Savannah this week. Its a work trip for me, vacation for Chrissy and Piglet. It has been hot all week, except this afternoon when it started pouring down rain. Piglet was the only one not to get wet. Chrissy's highlight was going to Paula Dean's restaurant, "The Lady and Sons". Great food. I'd say its almost as good as Minnies in Columbus. On with the pictures!!

Kaitlin was happy to be on vacation. She has had a ball
We spent the first few nights walking around the city, but Chrissy got her wish and we ended up at The Lady and Sons on Wednesday.

Outside the Lady and Sons
Happy, but full

We had to walk off all of the good food we had. There are so many neat things to see in Savannah.

Walking on the river was fun.

But all that walking sure was tiring

Piglet wasn't too sure about the trolley tour. Whats up with this whole sticker thing?But after we got going, she realized how much fun it could be. Notice Piglet is wearing a different outfit than the picture before? That was the result of a big poopy. Mommy is getting so good at diaper duty (no pun intended on the duty part), that she changed the diaper and clothes in Piglet's carseat on the trolly while it was moving. No wonder I always want her to do it.

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Anna Volz said...

WOW! Kaitlin is getting so big!!! I can't wait to meet her! She's beautiful, guys!